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Life is too short to clean your own home or condo! We know you’re busy with a packed schedule and multiple responsibilities, so keeping your home clean doesn’t have to be on your to-do list. Trust OC Purifiers to clean and maintain your home, condo, or beach house. It’s a system perfected by our team… [Read More]

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About Us

Do You Live in Ocean City? OC Purifiers has provided maid and cleaning services to thousands of Ocean City and Eastern Shore homes, condos, and beach houses over the past decade.  Since day one we have been offering quality, in-home maid, cleaning, and air purification services with a friendly smile and an efficient work ethic. And, as… [Read More]

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Cleaning Services

Residential   Our home, condo, and beach house cleaning services are what started this company and established OC Purifiers as the best cleaning company in Ocean City, and OC Purifiers has perfected its expert cleaning systems. Once a client starts using OC Purifiers regularly, our cleaning professionals provide exceptional maid services so that your home is always kept… [Read More]

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Air Purification & Odor Removal Services

Our shock treatment removes odors from hotel rooms, bars and homes without using chemicals. We also offer a complete line of purifiers. Offending odors can plague rental properties, homes and restaurants which can result in the loss of potential customers, home buyers or renters. These smells can not be erased with every day air fresheners… [Read More]

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